Sourcing Gloves & Large Quantity Options

We work with a variety of suppliers to meet the needs of customers at this time.

Please be able to send the following information in an email when have reviewed the rest of the page:


Company Name:

Number of boxes:

Type of glove: Nitrile, Nitrile blend, Latex, Vinyl

Grade: Medical, Exam, Industrial

Certifications Required:

Specs Needed:

Size breakdown and %:




City/Zip code to delivery address:

End Buyer / Reseller / Distributor / Broker:

Is this for a bid or government purchase?



Nitrile & Latex Gloves by the container

Other products: Non-medical masks, kids masks, gowns

3300 cases/container

100 gloves/box, 10 boxes per case

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Allocation of 200,000 cases of gloves monthly

Nitrile and Latex Gloves Specs

Other products: Non-medical masks, kids masks, gowns


Before providing further information other than what is listed and to proceed, NCNDA must be signed.

  1. LOI, including destination port and time frame
  2. Proof of funds
  3. Any other specific requests 

Price includes shipping to the customer’s warehouse anywhere in the United States. Option to ship elsewhere or FOB Vietnam.

The terms of the purchase order are either an irrevocable non-transferable letter of credit or an escrow account set up, with a 2% non-conformance clause.  The money is to be released as soon as the SGS report is done and the gloves are loaded on the boat, an additional 3% to have the money be released after landed and inspection.


2) Skymed, MOQ 1 million boxes

Available to ship by Air or Sea

Capacity of 24,000,000 boxes per month

Avg turnaround time: around 45 days from order placed (sea)

Performance bond included in the purchase agreement

Manufacturing facility tour available, as well as call direct with Skymed

Skymed Specs


Before providing further information other than what is listed and to proceed, NCNDA must be signed.

1.     Required documents include LOI, LOA, POF

    1. Letter of Authorization to purchase on the clients behalf
    2. POF to cover at least 8 weeks of the order

2.     Major fortune 500 company may do net terms / PO

3.     Payment will be via transferrable LC or escrow account



Gloves to source:

  • Kimberly Clark – KC500
    • Allotment of 2 million a month
    • MOQ 295k boxes
  • Transcend
    • Allotment of 11 million boxes per month
    • MOQ 125k boxes
  • Skymed
    • MOQ 200,000 boxes
  • Superieur
    • 1,000,000 boxes

 The following have an MOQ of 10 million boxes

  • Universis
  • Duesburg
  • Cranberry – OTG lots
  • Cardinal – OTG lots


Please contact us directly regarding quantities needed and
vetted buyer pricing. After the initial vetting process and
the submission of proper paperwork, lot quantities and ​
​logistics will be discussed.

1) Initial Review : Review desired specs, quantities interested in, timelines, and other information via email in to order to prepare for the initial phone call, and to have everything outlined. (1) NCNDA signed before proceeding with first phone call.

   A: First Phone Call : Set up exploratory conference call and begin answering questions.

   B: (1) NCNDA signed before proceeding with the second phone conference.

2) Second Phone Call : Review products, product pricing and availability, as well as the rest of the procedure.

   A: Specs provided, as well as other related information

   B: Product pricing and production schedule will be revealed at this time.

3) Submission of your “P.O.” from the buyer to the manufacturer must be submitted within 24 hours after our second phone conference and “P.O.F.s” must be submitted within 3 days to secure pricing and production schedules.

Without proper documentation after the initial phone conferences, $1000 consultation fee will apply per day, to speak with the international procurement team (payment to separate entity) to secure product. Product can only be secured through a direct wire transfer or through an escrow account. SGS available before escrow is released and a 24-hour window will be available to inspect the product upon arrival. For 3M deals, will be invited to warehouse or factory to inspect the product before escrow release.

•       Samples of the product are not available.

•       Payment/commission for any intermediaries are from the buyer side unless agreed upon.

•       No more than (2) intermediaries on the buyer side.