Pyrophoric Removal & Pyrophoric Control in Refineries

Pyrophoric Remover & Control JPX-EE

JPX-EE is for refinery cleaning and refinery decontamination when pyrophoric materials may be a problem. JPX-EE may be added during steam injection, vapor phase cleaning, vapor phase decontamination or degassing,  and with the degreasing circulation or refluxing rinse. JPX-EE is able to solubilize and oxidize any pyrophoric materials and creates a chemical reaction.

Ferrous sulfide becomes oxidized by JPX-EE turning it into a brown/black precipitate and sulfide, which can be removed by a final rinse step. This biodegradable cleaner is compatible with stringent effluent system requirements and leaves less dissolved oil in water than more expensive competitive products.

"JPX delivers as advertised, have experienced satisfactory results every time we used the product" More JPX Reviews

JPX Line Brochure

Our other products in the JPX Line

  • JPX Refinery Decontamination Cleaner: A powerful cleaner that removes hydrocarbons, to permit easier vessel entry. This formula also eliminates internal clean-ups and reduces exchanger bundle cleaning time.
  • JPX-E for Cleaning Sour Equipment (H2S): This water-soluble, heavy-duty refinery cleaner and oil tank cleaning chemical contains an additive that reacts with H2S and acts as an H2S scavenger. Use this oil refinery cleaning chemical for hydrocarbon removal and H2S removal. 
  • JPX-F Fin-Fan Cleaning: A high foaming refinery decontamination chemical containing powerful chelating agents. We created this unique formula for fin fan foam chemical cleaning applications, including fin fan heat exchanger cleaning and general fin fan maintenance.

JPX Setup and Application 

Hydrocarbon Removal Vapor Phase Cleaning JPX Quantitites

Product is available in:

  • 15, 30 and 55-gallon drums
  • 275 or 330 gallon totes
  • 5-gallon containers and other sizes please contact us