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Chemical Blending & Chemical Toll Blending in Los Angeles

Chemical Blending & Custom Chemical Toll Blending in Los Angeles


Chemical Toll Blending, what is it all about?

Toll Blending, also known as custom mixing, toll manufacturing, contract manufacturing, contract blending,  is a process which the production of chemical blending is outsourced to another company. The chemicals can be sourced, formulations can be blended, mixed and processed for a fee. 

Jayne Products can use a provided formula, or help improve upon the formula, and through toll blending make it into a finished product that is ready to be shipped. This can also include the sourcing of raw materials, packaging, etc. to ultimately provide toll blending, private label manufacturing and packaging services of liquid chemicals.

Toll Blending is a great, cost-effective alternative to making products in-house as special chemicals, resources and equipment may be needed. Jayne Products can assist with short, one time projects, or longer-term contracts. Toll blending can help save time, staff and money by outsourcing blending services and focus on other areas of the business such as sales, marketing, and business development.

Chemical Toll Blending with Jayne Products

Jayne Products offers a variety of solutions to meet your company’s needs, Jayne Products can offer an all-around solution where raw materials can be sourced from distributors in bulk, followed by blending the product, packaging, and shipping, as well as assistance improving the formulation. If your company is interested in any of the above, Jayne Products can offer what may be needed and as directed.

Jayne Products Warehouse


  • Raw material sourcing
  • Containment and storage
  • Toll blending with product consistency
    • Non-disclosure agreements
    • Batches between 300-2,100 gallons at a time
  • Labeling
  • Shipping and possible delivery

Product Offerings:

  • Acid and Caustic Blends
  • Liquid Blends
  • Homogenized and Emulsified Oil Blends
  • Inorganic and Organic Solutions
  • Solvent Blends
  • Custom Blends

Toll Blending Benefits with Jayne Products

  • Lower shipping costs by producing in Los Angeles and being closer to port and shipping options
  • Focus on other areas of the business and let us deal with the raw materials, blending, labeling and shipping
  • Reduce costs that would be spent on capital requirements, expansion, operations, labor and packaging costs
  • Jayne Products can act as the manufacturing and logistics part of your business, leaving you to focus on different aspects of your business

About Jayne Product

Jayne Products has been sourcing, manufacturing, selling and distributing chemicals from degreasers, descalers, and other chemical cleaners for over 30 years to a variety of industries including Oil Refineries, Transportation, Wastewater and many more. 

Jayne Products is a registered small business in Los Angeles County that offers environmentally-friendly products, with decades of experience and connections for sourcing quality chemicals, manufacturing products with strict requirements, and shipping products both locally and globally.

Strategically located, Jayne Products is close to the Port of Los Angeles, also known as America’s Port, rail, highways simplifying any shipping. Just south of Downtown Los Angeles, Jayne Products is also capable of shipping products via our own trucks in bulk in the local area.

We look forward to assisting you with your custom chemical toll blending needs. Reach out to us today to learn more about or products and services.

Discover Environmentally Responsible Chemical Blending & Chemical Toll Blending from Jayne Products

Jayne Products has over 35 years of experience providing environmentally compliant industrial cleaners and degreasers for high-volume operations. Our high-quality chemical blending & chemical toll blending provides comprehensive, versatile cleaning solutions for industrial users. With an array of industrial chemical cleaners, degreasers, deodorizers, and decontamination offerings, Jayne Products aims to innovate and deliver excellence in safety, the development of new processes, and eco-friendly technologies. Explore industrial cleaning solutions for various operations that get the job done cleaner, quicker, greener.

Contact Jayne Products for more, or request a quote today. Discover helpful information in our resources, such as blogs, videos, and LinkedIn pages.