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Jayne Products is a formulator and manufacturer of environmentally friendly chemical cleaning products. We specialize in the oil, wastewater, and transportation industries where we supply specialty products, including green cleaning products, and provide technical assistance.  Our three main product lines include JPX vapor phase turnaround chemicals, industrial degreasers, and bulk area cleaning chemicals.  We also offer industrial descalers, industrial deodorizers, turbine and furnace cleaning chemicals, spill control and chemical blending services.  

Refinery Decontamination Chemicals for Shutdowns and Turnarounds

We formulated and designed chemical cleaning products for the external and internal cleanup of refinery systems and equipment. This line of industrial cleaning products includes vapor phase cleaning chemicals, fin fan cleaning and maintenance chemicals, and deodorizers.

  • JPX Refinery Decontamination Cleaner: A powerful cleaner that removes hydrocarbons, to permit easier vessel entry. This formula also eliminates internal clean-ups and reduces exchanger bundle cleaning time.
  • JPX-E for Cleaning Sour Equipment (H₂S): Use this formula after JPX application for complete H2S removal. JPX-E is a biodegradable degreaser that handles the toughest refinery vessel cleaning jobs.
  • JPX-EE for Neutralizing Pyrophoric Materials: Step three in the refinery cleaning and decontamination process. Add this formula during the steam injection or vapor phase, or use it with a degreasing circulation and refluxing rinse.
  • JPX-F for Fin Fan Cleaning: We formulated this cleaner for area maintenance applications such as foaming cooler cleaning and fin-fan heat exchanger cleaning.  
  • JP-Scavenger and Deodorizer: This formula neutralizes odors from several gases, including H2S, ammonia, methyl mercaptan, and trimethylamine. Our JP-Scavenger formula is also effective at cleaning collection systems, sludge storage tanks, and other equipment in municipal treatment plants.

Over the last 30 years, the JPX line has created a proven track record of effectiveness, safety, and cost reduction. Utilization of the JPX line for shutdown hydrocarbon clean-up has resulted in significant time and cost savings to refineries. We offer expert consultation and project management as required for turnarounds, emergency shutdowns, fin-fan cleaning, and tank cleaning.

The JPX line complies with stringent California regulations for emissions and effluent disposal, making it a green option for cleaning products.

"JPX delivers as advertised, have experienced satisfactory results every time we used the product" More JPX Reviews

Industrial Chemical Cleaning Products: Degreasers and Detergents

Our bulk area chemical cleaning products are very versatile, simple to use, yet highly effective. Power Wash-Steam Soap and Energy Plus have a certification of Clean Air Choice Cleaner from the Southern California Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), which is a very stringent clean air certification for cleaning products. 

  • Energy Plus Red-Industrial Degreaser: Our general-purpose, non-abrasive cleaner emulsifies and dissolves grease, oil, and stubborn stains. Use this cleaner for applications ranging from refinery equipment to printing equipment and commercial appliances.
  • Power Wash-Power Washer and Steam Cleaner: Dissolve and remove stubborn oil, road grime, dirt, and carbon from almost any surface. This cleaner is safe for painted, porous, and non-porous surfaces, and has also been utilized for fin fan cleaning.
  • Energy Plus-Industrial Degreaser: Use this cleaner to remove hydraulic and lube oils, and for cleaning refinery equipment. Our non-caustic bio-degradable degreaser cleaner also removes wax, mildew, ink, and dirt from surfaces and equipment.

Struvite Removal + Prevention and Industrial Descalers

We have two industrial cleaning product lines for struvite removal and prevention in wastewater and CAFO applications. Struvite can severely inhibit pumps, heat exchangers, centrifuges, and pipeline operations. Struvite Remover can be used in recirculations, low-pressure sprays, foaming and soak procedures to remove struvite easily and cost-effectively.  Struvite Dispersant prevents struvite deposits from forming.

Our Scale Remover and Industrial Descaler JPSR has been used in a wide variety of industries to remove calcium, rust, and other types of hard water scale, from wastewater, transportation, marine, heat exchangers and more. The product is non-corrosive to steel and extremely effective, send us your scale for free lab testing.

Industrial Deodorizers, Turbine Cleaning, Furnace Cleaning, and Spill Control 

We are a trusted and experienced cleaning products manufacturer providing solutions to meet your industrial cleaning needs. Other products we offer include:

Chemical Blending and Toll Blending

Jayne Products has sourced, manufactured and sold chemical cleaning products for over 30 years, and can provide various services and be the chemical cleaner manufacturing arm for your company, reach out today and learn more of our Toll Blending Services and benefits.

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Jayne chemical cleaning products are used by industries including oil refining, wastewater, transportation, industrial, manufacturing and many more. We manufacture all our cleaning products in the USA and ship worldwide.

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