Staying Greener at Jayne Products

Jayne Products is continually striving to produce and create environmentally compliant cleaners and degreasers. In this ever-changing world, people, and businesses must adapt if we are to keep our planet sustainable. That’s exactly what we have done.  Jayne Products’ cleaners and degreasers will get the job done Quicker, Cleaner. Greener.

The JPX line of products, JPX, JPX-E and JPX-EE have been formulated to handle the toughest to clean hydrocarbon deposits with superior price and performance, all while complying with the highest air and water quality standards. Our bio-degradable cleaners are compatible with stringent effluent system requirements, regulations for effluent disposal and leave less dissolved oil in water than other competitive products. Energy Plus Red is an environmentally safe product that efficiently cleans oil and grease, is compatible with personnel and does not adversely impact effluent treatment plants. It is biodegradable, USDA approved, SCAQMD compliant, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-abrasive and gives off no fumes.

As a manufacturer of commercial cleaning products, we have always realized the importance of being both environmentally friendly as well as the safety of all those involved both directly and the general public. This being the case, we have sought out ways to prove our environmental responsibility, and our green cleaning products. Jayne Products has two products certified in the “Clean Air Choices” program, Power Wash-Steam Soap and Energy Plus. The “Clean Air Choices” Cleaner Certification Program only qualifies products which are ultra-low-polluting commercial cleaning products. 

Through our products, we have created a green trend within our company and will continually offer green solutions for your needs. Jayne Products will find the right product for your application and get the job done Cleaner, Quicker. Greener.