Industrial Degreasers, Cleaners and Deodorizers for Cleaning

Industrial Degreasers

Jayne Products has 30 years of experience in creating cost-effective cleaners and degreasers. Our products are used in numerous applications and outperform more expensive name-brand cleaners.  All of the cleaners and degreasers manufactured by Jayne Products are biodegradable, SCAQMD compliant, non- toxic, non-flammable, non-abrasive and give off no fumes.

We have four main products in our heavy-duty cleaner/degreaser line Energy Plus Red (EPR), Power Wash, and Energy Plus.

Energy Plus Red (EPR) is a versatile degreaser for industrial and institutional applications. It emulsifies and removes road grime, oil, carbon, dirt, etc. EPR also has a multitude of applications in the foodservice industry and EPR is a non-toxic and biodegradable degreaser as well.

Power Wash is a cleaner/degreaser that has a multitude of uses in industrial and institutional applications. Power Wash is formulated for automatic wash, pressure wash, and chlorinated solvents. It may be used in a concentrated form or diluted with hot or cold water.   Power Wash can be used as a foam degreaser when used with a Lafferty Super Foamer for cleaning fin-fans. Our Power Wash- Steam Soap has a Clean Air Choice certification from the Southern California Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD). The AQMD Clean Air Choice Cleaner certification is a very stringent certification that only cleaners with very low VOC and toxicity can qualify. Click here to view our certification. 

Industrial Descalers

Struvite Remover is used for struvite removal in wastewater and CAFO applications. Struvite can severely inhibit pumping and pipeline operations. Struvite Remover JPSR can be used in circulation and still soak procedures to easily remove struvite. For more information on Struvite Remover JPSR and struvite removal, go to

Scale Remover is a general-purpose descaler that has been used in a variety of industries for hard water scale buildup. For more information on this product visit

Refinery Decontamination Chemical Cleaners

The turnaround refinery specific chemical line of products (JPX/JPX-E/JPX-EE) were formulated specifically for the external and internal cleanup of systems and equipment with a proven track record of effectiveness, safety and cost reduction. The products comply with California regulations for emissions and effluent disposal.

JPX-F has been very effective as a foam degreaser when cleaning fin-fans.  JPX-F is recommended for and works great on fin-fans that require removal of sticky hydrocarbon material found in refineries.  JPX-F can be used to clean fin-fans on and offline and some customers have experienced as much as a 40-degree improvement in temperature. 

H₂S Scavenger and Industrials Deodorizers

Jayne Products has two products in its JPD line of deodorizers. JP-D and JP-Scavenger both products are water-based and biodegradable.  JPD will neutralize and eliminate H2S and is suitable for industrial and institutional use. Green Apple/ Bubble Gum is an odor control agent that will eliminate odors caused by bacteria, mildew, smoke food, etc. and leave behind a pleasant masking smell of either Green Apple, Bubble Gum.  We can also provide this product in Jasmine.

Custom Chemical Toll Blending 

Jayne Products can provide customers with customized products at minimum cost. Characteristics that can be easily modified are pH, foam quality, viscosity, color, and odor. Product performance can also be optimized for various oily deposits and constituents. We have an R&D and QC laboratory that performs comprehensive product development and testing to ensure that all products meet the customer’s needs and our quality standards. To learn more click here.

Jayne Products has a variety of products and services to meet your needs. Contact our technical services staff to have them help you determine the correct product for you.

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