Industrial Portable Fogger and Chemical Mister System

Jayne Products offers industrial portable foggers and industrial chemical misters for rent or for sale. Jayne Products is located in Los Angeles, CA. for those who wish to pick up the industrial foggers and misters for rent.

This industrial portable fogger and the mister is used as a chemical atomizer, uses compressed air to draw chemicals such as the JP-D Industrial Deodorizer and JP-Scavenger and product a dry fog up to 35 feet in 4 different directions. 

Features: Industrial Portable Chemical Mister

  • Atomizes chemicals, deodorizers, and scavengers
  • Projects up to 35 feet in 4 directions
  • Adjustable height
  • Stainless steel for durability
  • Portable, 2-wheel cart with non-marking tires
  • 10’ of chemical suction tubes and strainers

Jayne Products offers the fogger and mister to go along with our industrial cleaning products such as: 

JP-D Industrial Deodorizer: Fragrance choices of Green Apple, Bubble Gum or Jasmine to help with industrial odor control. They are 100% safe, water-based and biodegradable odor control agent. The products are best applied with a mister to help disperse them uniformly over the area or space to be treated.

JP-Scavenger for Hydrogen Sulfide and Other Gases: Used in refineries and other applications to eliminate H²S.  JP-Scavenger is used as a rinse after chemical decontamination to provide a pleasant odor.