Liquid Phase Decontamination Recirculation Chemicals

Liquid Decontamination Chemical Products

Our JPX decontamination line contains powerful water-based and non-hazardous products formulated for liquid phase decontamination recirculation method and cleaning as well as other refinery, petrochemical, and industrial cleaning applications, including vapor phase decontamination. Our liquid phase decontamination solutions are cost-effective and proven to outperform other well-known but significantly more expensive products. JPX liquid phase decontamination chemicals have been utilized in numerous turnarounds and shutdowns. It is highly effective at low concentrations, generally 1-3% is utilized depending on the extent of the contamination. Additionally, it is biodegradable and compatible with most surfaces.

We always favor the vapor phase over the liquid phase to reduce decontamination time, waste as well as the cost of chemicals required. A liquid phase decontamination recirculation can be more beneficial for the bottom of the vessel, target packed beds or areas that may be more heavily contaminated, have flow distribution issues, or be at risk from pyrophoric materials, and can be combined vapor phase and liquid phase for vessels.

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JPX Liquid Phase Decontamination Product Line Benefits

  • Refinery Top rated in heavy oil degreasing, emulsification, and being low in toxicity with minimal effluent impact
  • After decontamination process, waste streams can be broken into layers for hydrocarbon recovery
  • Powerful water-based product
  • Reduces time compared to traditional steam-only purging
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-Caustic, Non-corrosive, and compatible with all metals
  • Significantly reduces time to reach acceptable Benzene, Hydrogen Sulfide and LEL levels
  • Excellent with foamers and stable foam for vertical cling
  • Easy to use application
  • Superior Emulsification of 40%
  • FeS Oxidized
  • 0 PPM LEL
  • 0 PPM H²S
  • 0 Pyrophorics
  • 0 PPM Benzene

Liquid Decontamination Recirculation Method 

1)        Complete shutdown procedures.

2)        Pump out and depressurize all equipment that will be decontaminated.

3)        Circuits can be flushed with light oil, then water or steam to move free hydrocarbons as required.

4)        The system is then filled with water and circulated, with steam injected to raise the temperature of the solution to 80 degrees C.

5)        Once the system is raised to 80 degrees C, it is typically circulated between 8-12 hours, note that equipment is initially vented to flare, and after decontamination to the atmosphere.

6)        Transfer effluent for treatment as required.

7)        Rinse the system with fresh water to move residual emulsion out of the system.

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Our liquid phase decontamination chemical products are proven to be highly effective cleaning and decontaminating agents.

Our products won’t damage surfaces and are a safer, more eco-friendly alternative to other, harsher products on the market. See why our customers trust and value what we offer on our JPX reviews page

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