Fin Fan Foam Cleaning and Maintenance Chemical Cleaner

Refinery Fin-Fans

Fin Fan Cleaning with JPX-F

Beat the heat limitations and do fin fan cleaning on-line or off-line. JPX-F has been successfully utilized to clean fin-fan OD’s while units remain online. By alternating fans and utilizing JPX-F heavy-duty cleaner, our customers use a foam cleaning procedure which cleans OD’s while the unit continues to run. They have experienced as much as a 40-degree improvement with an average of about 25 to 30-degree improvement. The procedure uses a very small amount of liquid and produces copious amounts of foam.

Fin Fan Cleaning with JPX-F Benefits

  • Cleaning of the tube exteriors will not require entry into the shrouds.
  • No damage to tubes by personnel entering the shrouds and walking on the aluminum tubes.
  • No damage by improper use of high-pressure water, which may bend the aluminum fins.
  • Deep cleaning of the interiors of the tube banks that cannot be done in a water wash.