Vapor Phase Cleaning Refinery Decontamination with JPX Calculation

Calculation Examples

Jayne Products, based on 20 years’ experience in vapor phase clearing uses 4 liters of JPX for 1 cubic meter of column or vessel internal volume.

To calculate the volume requires the following calculation:  

For example

·      Let’s take a crude atmospheric tower that is 30 meters high and has a diameter of 7 meters. Internally, it has 40 trays, all of a bubble-cap design.

·      To calculate the tower volume, without taking account of the dished-ends, use

V= πR²xL    V=π3.5² (30) =1,154m³

The volume of JPX required would be calculated a 1,154 x 4 = 4,616 liters.

1 drum JPX = 208 liters so 4,616 ÷ 208 = 22 drums of JPX. This is equivalent to a liquid circulation: fill column 20% to cover the trays and provide a positive pump suction will require 1,154 x 20% = 230m³ and using 2% concentration of JPX will require 230x .02 or 4.6m³ JPX = total of 22 drums. 

We always favor the vapor phase over the liquid phase to cut the decontamination time by 2/3 and eliminate the disposal of the circulation solution.