Gas Turbine Compressor Blade Cleaner-Low Foam

Compressor Cleaner-Low Foam - Conntect 6000

CONNTECT 6000 is a concentrated high performance, low foam water-based cleaner for on-line and off-line use. Field experience indicates that this non-toxic product attains cleaning efficiencies similar to solvent-based products without generating excessive foam, and any foam that is produced during cleaning quickly dissipates after washing. The unique combination of surfactants and emulsifiers in Conntect 6000 are specifically designed to remove deposits found on gas turbine compressor blades. Like Conntect 5000, the ash-free ingredients in Conntect 6000 have been carefully selected to ensure that no incremental trace elements can contribute to corrosion. This product is compatible with alloys, common coatings, and painted surfaces.

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