JPX Reviews - Refinery Decontamination Chemicals

“JPX delivers as advertised, have experienced satisfactory results every time we used the product”


“JPX delivered as promised, ALL our “clients” process unit manager and area engineers expressed satisfaction with the

results of our chemical cleaning activities”


“We delivered on target and unit was handed over- clean and ready for maintenance- in fact we beat the schedule and

caught the maintenance crews off guard.” 


“We used 0.5% JPX solution strength-circulated the system for 8 hours at maximum rate, then isolated the cooling basin

from the cooling water pumps- flushed the cooling water loop with fresh water and drained the system. We allowed the

cooling water tower to settle for some time-then drained the wash water to a dedicated process tank-and used super suckers

to clean the cooling water basin-the total job took 3 days- we used 6000 liters of JPX and the results “SMILING PLANT



We consider ourselves experienced with the cleaning process and in fact have become quite creative in some of our

application methods/injection techniques and line-ups of process systems… for me- JPX will remain the product of choice”


“The chemical cleaning process was deemed a great success and generally speaking the cleaning process and JPX chemicals

have gained acceptance as an enhanced alternative to traditional shutdown method. This was the first time we managed to

get the crude distiller bottom circuit 100% hydrocarbon free and hand it over to maintenance ahead of schedule.”


“Surprising was the cleaning results of the Visbreaker bottom circuit. Where it normally took up to 4 days to remove a

particular heat exchanger head and bundle this same work was completed in 4 hours.”


“Had success during our recent turnarounds using JPX to

shorten the time required to clean columns and equipment for entry.

JPX has been used during recent FCC, Hydrocracker, Jet and Diesel

Hydrotreater turnarounds...”


“We have found little to no LEL or residual hydrocarbons upon

opening initial opening equipment.  This significantly reduced the

time needed to begin inspection and maintenance work.”