Vapor Phase Offline Exchanger Cleaning of Hydrocarbon in Refineries

Off-line Cleaning with JPX Vapor Phase Cleaning

Off-line cleaning of exchangers is accomplished quickly and efficiently with JPX circulations. The exchanger or pairs of exchangers are blocked in and JPX is circulated thru the tube side at 2% concentration with steam heat on the exchanger shell side. The offline cleaning process is then reversed with JPX at 2% circulated thru the shell side with steam heat on the tube side. The oil (hydrocarbon) removal is monitored by simply measuring the emulsion layer as the circulations progress. This procedure can also be accomplished by using JPX as a vapor steam cleaner.

This off-line cleaning restores the heat removal capacity of the exchanger, without having to resort to expensive and time-consuming bundle pulling for hydro blasting.

Please contact Jayne Products, Inc. for further details and circulation routines. Save money with JPX offline exchanger cleaning.