JPX — Refinery Decontamination Cleaner

JPX decontamination cleaner for refinery turnarounds

This is the bottom of a fractionator after being cleaned with JPX and vapor phase cleaning.

JPX being used to clean and separate oil from sediment for recovery

JPX is a powerful water-based and non-hazardous product specially designed to be used in column, exchanger, reboiler and vessel clean up, general maintenance as well as crude oil tank cleaning and turnaround applications in oil refineries. JPX is the most cost-effective decontamination and pipeline chemical cleaner available, outperforming more well-known and expensive products. It has been utilized in numerous oil refinery turnarounds, saving time and money. JPX injection during your vessel vapor steam cleaning will:

  • cut steam out time by 2/3
  • remove hydrocarbons, H2S and benzene, permitting earlier vessel entry
  • eliminate internal clean-ups normally required for inspection or repair
  • reduce the time required for exchanger bundle cleaning
  • safe for people, the effluent system, and air quality
  • superior emulsification of 40%

JPX has been tested and evaluated by major oil companies. It ranked highest in performance capacity to remove heavy hydrocarbons, JPX was tested against two dozen competitive products, its ability to minimize oil and grease content in separation was also superior. JPX is a formulation of biodegradable components and is compatible with oil refinery effluent treatment and bio sludge units.
JPX is superior for steam out or vapor phase applications. It rapidly emulsifies heavier hydrocarbons for removal with the condensate. While at the same time sweeping the lighter hydrocarbons to the flare or vent system. JPX has a twenty year history of applications in over 100 units with a complete success story.

"JPX delivers as advertised, have experienced satisfactory results every time we used the product" More JPX Reviews

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We also offer JPX-LF (a low foam) and JPX-NF (a no foam) version where applicable.

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