Industrial Condenser, HVAC & Evaporator Coil Cleaning Chemical 

Industrial condenser coils, evaporator coils, HVAC coils, and other finned cooling and heating coils can become coated and clogged with organic and inorganic deposits such as oils, calcium, dust, dirt, and other deposits. This contamination will, in turn, cause the coil to lose efficiency in the form of increased energy consumption, loss of airflow, and a decrease in indoor air quality. Cleaning your HVAC coils twice per year will restore your efficiencies and extend the useful life of your equipment. Our safe, environmentally friendly cleaners that can be applied as a non-foaming spray or through a foaming applicator to penetrate deep into the coil beds.

What are coils, and why do they need to be cleaned?

Coils in most systems are designed to be the primary method of moving heat from one area to another. This means moving heat from indoor coils to outdoor coils in air conditioning systems, thus cooling. In a heating situation, it can take heat from the outside coils and warm the inside, thus heating. When coils get covered in dust, dirt, mold, and other contaminants, their ability to move that heat is reduced. What does that mean? Higher electrical bills and shorter system lifespan. Make sure to clean your coils regularly.

What chemical is used for evaporator coils cleaner and Industrial condenser chemical coil cleaning?

The best coil cleaner for evaporator coils cleaner are:

Power Wash is a versatile degreaser for industrial and institutional applications. It effectively dissolves and removes dust, dirt, etc., from condenser coils. It can be used through pressure washers and foamers.

JPX-F is a high foaming cleaner containing powerful chelating agents. We created this unique formula for fin fan foam chemical cleaning applications, including fin fan heat exchanger cleaning and general fin fan maintenance.  It effectively dissolves and removes oil and hydrocarbon from virtually any surface, including evaporator coils. 

STSR and STSR-F liquid and foaming descalers can be used on variety of hard water buildup. STSR can be utilized in soaks, recirculations and low-pressure sprays, while STSR-F can be used through a foamer.

Industrial Evaporator Chemical Coil Cleaner, Condenser Coil Cleaner and HVAC Chemical Coil Cleaner

Water scale can be deposited on the heat transfer surfaces; when it happens, the cooling water from the spray heads cannot efficiently condense the refrigerant gas in the coils. It will trigger inadequate cooling, overworked machinery, and expensive operations incurred. This is when the chemical coil cleaning chemicals are needed and becomes the perfect tool to remove the deposits on your HVAC, evaporator and condenser units.

How do you clean an industrial condenser coil?

Coil Cleaning Procedure

  • Be sure the system is shut down.
  • Make sure there is access to water and power to use with the coil-cleaning system.
  • Eliminate any dry debris by using a vacuum to clean coils and fins.
  • Be sure the condensate pan and lines are free from blockage before you begin cleaning.
  • Avoid high-pressure cleaning systems that can damage fins.
  • Apply coil-cleaning chemicals and let them sit for a few minutes to penetrate.
  • Flush coils with water, working opposite the airflow to push dirt out the way it came in.
  • Thoroughly rinse off the chemical and repeat the cleaning if necessary.
  • Power the unit back up.

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