Oil Refinery Shutdowns

What is an oil refinery shutdown?

An oil refinery shutdown is when refining activities stop due to resources being scarce, or prices being too high. Shutdowns can also occur when there are accidents, terror threats, natural disasters, or political actions arise.

Why are oil refinery shutdowns important?

Oil refinery shutdowns are significant because they are not planned, and can lead to higher demand, and immediately affect supply in the region. During this time, it can, however, be beneficial to make use of the shutdown for decontamination, repairs, maintenance, replacement, and upgrades.

Oil Refinery Shutdown Planning and Services 

Jayne Products offers a variety of refinery shutdown services and planning, both planned and unplanned. Planning and services for shutdowns are critical because they need to be completed with care in mind, as they can be extremely complex, costly, and take weeks to even months to complete.

Jayne Products has been manufacturing decontamination products and involved in the planning and services for oil refinery shutdowns for 30 years, completing over 200 jobs from manufacturing, to writing and developing procedures, to project management and execution. 

We will work with your team to provide the necessary planning and services needed to get operations back online, on budget, and on time. Getting your operation Cleaner. Quicker. Greener.

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