Industrial Chemical Foamers

Jayne Products offers industrial chemical foamers for rent or for sale. Jayne Products is located in Los Angeles, CA. for those who wish to pick up the foamers for rent.

Benefits of using our Industrial Chemical Foamers: Industrial Chemical Foamer

  • Super high volume output
  • Very long-distance foam throw (up to 40 feet)
  • Use can include foaming a very large surface
  • Cover up to 500 square feet (46.45 sqm) in 40 seconds


  • Machined polypropylene foamer body
  • Stainless steel chemical check valve
  • Stainless steel air check valve

Jayne Products offers the Super Foamer or High Pressure Foamer to go along with our industrial cleaning products such as:

JPX-F Fin Fan Cleaner: A high foaming refinery decontamination chemical containing powerful chelating agents. We created this unique formula for fin fan foam chemical cleaning applications, including fin fan heat exchanger cleaning and general fin fan maintenance.

JPSR Foaming Descaler: A low pH inorganic/organic salt solution that performs like an acid. This formulation replaces such acids as hydrochloric, sulfamic, phosphoric, hydroxy acetic, oxalic, citric, formic, and glycolic while offering significant performance

Super Foamer

Temperature up to 160°F

Pressure 35 to 150 PSI

Flow 9.8 GPM @ 40 PSI

Supply Line 3/4"

Compressed Air up to 12 CFM

Hose 1-1/2" ID x 50'

Nozzle Open Flow Wand

High Pressure Foamer

Temperature up to 160°F

Pressure 125 to 350 PSI

Flow 9 GPM @ 250 PSI

Supply Line 1/2"

Compressed Air up to 6 CFM

Hose 1" ID x 50'

Nozzle 00400