Gas Turbine Compressor Blade Cleaner - CONNTECT 5000

CONNTECT 5000 is a concentrated water based gas turbine compressor cleaner specifically designed to remove deposits commonly found on gas turbine compressor blades that can be used for both ON LINE and OFF LINE cleaning. The ash free ingredients in CONNTECT 5000 have been carefully selected to ensure that no incremental trace elements can contribute to corrosion of the hot section of the gas turbine, and this product contains special inhibitors to ensure compatibility with aluminum, nickel, nickel-cadmium, stainless steel, titanium and common coatings including painted surfaces and elastomers. 

How to Use CONNTECT 5000

CONNTECT 5000 is generally mixed at 1 part cleaner to 4 parts water. CONNTECT 5000 can be injected directly into the compressor of the turbine while it is operating for ON LINE cleaning extending periodic OFF LINE cleaning intervals and reducing average power loss. CONNTECT 5000 is used at the same dilution ratio for OFF LINE cleaning, and following normal soak and rinse procedures the power recovery is usually significant.

The method of injection and total amount of cleaning solution required differs for ON LINE and OFF LINE cleaning.  Consult engine manufacturer recommendations for method and amount to use.  Also note that cleaning at low ambient temperatures should not be done without the approval of your engine manufacturer and the use of an approved anti-freeze agent. 

CONNTECT 5000 is available in concentrated form in 55-gallon (208-liter) drums and 330-gallon re-usable and disposable bulk containers (totes).

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