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Industrial Degreaser & Concentrated General Cleaner

Energy Plus Red (EPR) - Industrial Strength Degreaser for Grease, Oil, Stains, and various surfaces

Energy Plus Red is a concentrated general-purpose cleaner that will emulsify and dissolve grease and oil, loosen stubborn stains and leave all surfaces sparkling with no harm to hands and has been used by large industrial users for over twenty years. 

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Refinery Decontamination Degreaser: Industrial Strength, Household Safe

Energy Plus Red is currently used in oil refineries for general maintenance and spill cleanup. It can be used in a hot or cold application and is suitable as a dip tank cleaner or as a steam cleaning compound replacing caustic soda. It is an economic and safe replacement for petroleum distillates and chlorinated solvents. Energy Plus Red is an environmentally safe product that efficiently cleans oil and grease, is compatible with personnel and does not adversely impact Effluent Treatment Plants. Although a concentrated industrial strength cleaner it can be diluted for many commercial and household applications.

  • Bio-degradable Multipurpose Cleaner
  • Safe on all surfaces
  • Industrial Strength Concentrate
  • Non-toxic / Non-abrasive

Energy Plus Red is also currently used in the restaurant industry as a versatile cleaner that can be used on a multitude of surfaces – hoods, stoves, ovens, refrigerators, freezers, and countertops. It is also great for mopping floors and cleaning restrooms. It is safe on all surfaces. 

Our commercial clients use Energy Plus Red to clean print rolls, metal, and printing presses. It dissolves and removes grease, heavy oil, tar, carbon, ink, dirt, mildew, etc. Use Energy Plus Red on tools, work clothes, production equipment, machinery, floors, bicycles, carpets, cars, trucks, and any painted surface. Energy Plus Red is sold in 5 gallon, 55-gallon drums, and totes. We also deliver in bulk in the Los Angeles, California area.

Energy Plus Red Brochure

Energy Plus Red Application and Dilution Guide

Energy Plus Red Industrial Degreaser Quantities

Product is available in:

  • 15, 30 and 55-gallon drums
  • 275 or 330 gallon totes
  • 5-gallon containers and other sizes please contact us