Oil Refinery Turnaround

What is an oil refinery turnaround?

Unlike shutdowns, which are unplanned, turnarounds are planned in order to do periodic decontamination, preventative maintenance, replacement, and upgrades. 

Why is an oil refinery turnaround important?

Oil refinery turnarounds are significant as they go through planned downtime every 3-6 years when production is at a lowpoint, in order to do decontamination, repairs, maintenance, replacement, and upgrades to extend the life of the equipment uninterrupted.

Oil Refinery Turnaround Planning and Services

Jayne Products, for now over 30 years, has been manufacturing decontamination products and involved in the planning and services for oil refinery turnarounds and shutdowns. Jayne Products has completed over 200 jobs including manufacturing, writing and developing procedures, and project management as well as execution.

Jayne Products offers refinery turnaround services and planning, planning and services for turnarounds are critical because they need to be completed carefully, as they can be extremely complex, costly, and take weeks to even months to complete.

Jayne Products will work with your in house team to provide the necessary services and planning needed to get operations back online, on budget, and on time. Getting your operation Cleaner. Quicker. Greener.

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