Vapor Phase and Refinery Decontamination Chemical Cleaning Products

Jayne Products and Refinery Decontamination

Jayne Products, Inc. has supplied the U.S. refining industry with refinery cleaning and chem-cleaning products since 1986. These products have evolved from the experience gained in hundreds of refinery chemical decontamination turnarounds. We offer applications engineering to customers not currently familiar with the chemical decontamination cleaning process. Our experienced technical personnel are familiar with the refinery protocols for some of the largest refineries in the world. We offer expert consultation and project management as required for a variety of applications such as: shutdowns, area cleaning, fin fans, exchangers, desalters, off-line cleaning, tank cleaning, odor control, and pipeline cleaning.

Refinery Decontamination Products

Our JPX Line of chem.-cleaning products, JPX Refinery Decontamination Cleaner, JPX-E for Cleaning Sour Equipment (H₂S) and JPX-EE for Neutralizing Pyrophoric Materials, and JPX-F for Fin Fan Cleaning has been used in hundreds of chemical decontamination shutdowns, to clean crude/vac column, fractionators, Hi/Lo Press Separators, KO drums, tank cleaning and for refinery maintenance as well as refinery cleaners. The JPX line will handle the toughest to clean industrial plants at a superior price and performance while complying with the highest air and water quality standards. Our biodegradable cleaners are compatible with stringent effluent system requirements and leave less dissolved oil in water than more expensive competitive products.

Spill Cleanup & Refinery Maintenance Products

Energy Plus Red and Energy Plus are used in oil refineries for general refinery maintenance, refinery cleaning and spill cleanup. Both are environmentally safe products that efficiently clean oil and grease, are compatible with personnel and do not adversely impact Effluent Treatment Plants. Many of our customers use our bulk delivery system to maintain automatic inventory control. Contact us to discuss which products would work best for you.

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