Industrial Foamers and Foggers for Rent and for Sale

Jayne Products offers industrial portable foggers, chemical misting systems, and industrial chemical foamers for rent or for sale to go along with our industrial cleaning products. We are located in Los Angeles, California for those who wish to pick up equipment for rent.

Industrial Foggers, Misters and Foamers

Industrial Portable Fogger and Chemical Misting System:

This product can be used in a variety of applications with our JP-D Deodorizer or JP-Scavenger for eliminating or neutralizing odors, Hydrogen Sulfide, and other gases 

Industrial Chemical Foamer:

This product can be used in a variety of applications for foaming chemicals such as our JPX-F Fin Fan Cleaner or our JP-SR Foaming Descaler to use over large areas.

We manufacture and offer the following industrial cleaning products for the foggers, misters, and foamers:

JPX-F Fin Fan Cleaner: A high foaming refinery decontamination chemical containing powerful chelating agents. We created this unique formula for fin fan foam chemical cleaning applications, including fin fan heat exchanger cleaning and general fin fan maintenance.

JPSR Foaming Descaler: A low pH inorganic/organic salt solution that performs like an acid. This formulation replaces such acids as hydrochloric, sulfamic, phosphoric, hydroxy acetic, oxalic, citric, formic, and glycolic while offering significant performance

JP-D Industrial Deodorizer: Fragrance choices of Green Apple, Bubble Gum or Jasmine to help with industrial odor control. They are 100% safe, water-based and biodegradable odor control agent. The products are best applied with a mister to help disperse them uniformly over the area or space to be treated.

JP-Scavenger for Hydrogen Sulfide and other Gases: Used in refineries and other applications to eliminate H²S. JP-Scavenger is used as a rinse after a chemical decontamination to provide a pleasant odor.