Boil Out Decontamination Chemical Cleaning

Boil Out Decontamination Chemicals

Our JPX line contains powerful water-based and non-hazardous products formulated for boil out decontamination and cleaning as well as other refinery, petrochemical, and industrial cleaning applications, including vapor phase decontamination and liquid phase decontamination. Our cleaning solutions are cost-effective and proven to outperform other well-known but significantly more expensive products. JPX has been utilized in numerous turnarounds and shutdowns. It is highly effective at low concentrations. Additionally, it is biodegradable and compatible with most surfaces.

JPX Decontamination Cleaner: A powerful cleaner that removes hydrocarbons and other contaminants.
JPX-E for Cleaning Sour Equipment (H₂S): Use this formula for hydrocarbons and for complete H2S removal. JPX-E is a biodegradable degreaser that handles the toughest cleaning jobs.
JPX-EE Neutralizes Pyrophoric Materials: Solubilizes and oxidizes pyrophoric materials, use this product in the decontamination and cleaning process as a pyrophoric remover.  

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What is Boil Out Decontamination and Cleaning?

Boil out decontamination and cleaning is the addition of water and product to equipment such as desalters, boilers, drums, and vessels, then steam from the bottom to agitate the sludge and contaminants at the bottoms, release the H2S, benzene and LELs to the relief system, vapor phase the equipment with the steam/product, and clear the remaining contaminants for entry and maintenance.

Boil out decontamination is best when there are excessive heavy contaminants build up and is seen as a major problem. Various vessels and drums to be decontaminated are best suited to this procedure – they may be difficult to circulate, or they may have significant deposits in the lower sections or both. Boil-Out solution addresses the presence of insoluble contaminants (often coke) which are bound together with hydrocarbons. The solution is to solubilize and remove the hydrocarbons from the heavy contaminants so that when the unit is drained what remains is oil-free insolubles that can be easily removed mechanically.

JPX Product Line Benefits

  • Refinery Top rated in heavy oil degreasing, emulsification, and being low in toxicity with minimal effluent impact
  • After decontamination process, waste streams can be broken into layers for hydrocarbon recovery
  • Powerful water-based product
  • Reduces time compared to traditional steam-only purging
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-Caustic, Non-corrosive, and compatible with all metals
  • Significantly reduces time to reach acceptable Benzene, Hydrogen Sulfide and LEL levels
  • Excellent with foamers and stable foam for vertical cling
  • Easy to use application
  • Superior Emulsification of 40%
  • FeS Oxidized
  • 0 PPM LEL
  • 0 PPM H²S
  • 0 Pyrophorics
  • 0 PPM Benzene

Boil Out Decontamination & Cleaning Advantages

Boil out decontamination is best when there is heavy contamination in the bottoms of equipment. Steam injection from the bottom of the equipment increases the agitation of sludges and contaminants present and allows for efficient gas freeing.

  • Degassed and oil free, any remaining can be flushed or mechanically removed.
  • Boil out will allow vapors to decontaminate equipment with vapor space and transport hydrocarbon vapors to the flare while the liquid phase deals with the sludges.
  • No recirculation necessary.

Boil Out Decontamination and General Cleaning Procedure 

  1. Pump out/drain what is possible from the equipment.
  2. Hook up water, steam, and chemical injection points with steam into the bottom in as many places as possible.
  3. Identify vents for relief.
  4. Add water to estimated volume level. Ensure the level of Boil Out liquid is above the level of the sludge.
  5. While injecting water inject JPX so it is evenly mixed.
  6. When water/chemical solution has been injected open steam lines, 100 deg C+ is required so the liquid in the equipment boils.
  7. Monitor H2S, LEL, and product hourly.
  8. Drain down as required to avoid condensate build-up.
  9. On decontamination completion drain and water flush.
  10. Estimated time 8-15 hours

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Our boil out decontamination chemical products are proven to be highly effective cleaning and decontaminating agents.

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