Petrochemical Services and Planning for Turnarounds

Jayne Products offers petrochemical services and planning for turnarounds, as well as for the turnarounds for oil refineries. What are the benefits of Jayne Products decontamination solutions, planning, and execution of petrochemical services? Time-Saving. Jayne Products has been in business for close to 40 years, manufacturing various cleaners and degreasers, and has experience with petrochemical services, planning, and hydrocarbon decontamination for 30 years, as we are one of the pioneers of decontamination through vapor phase, steam out and degassing applications. Getting your operation Cleaner. Quicker. Greener.

Petrochemical Services and Planning with Jayne Products

Jayne Products will work with your planning team to provide decontamination services tailored for the different units that will allow for:

  • Petrochemical maintenance
  • Petrochemical inspections services
  • Petrochemical field services

Jayne Products has completed over 200 turnarounds, including the manufacturing of the decontamination solutions, writing and developing the procedures for use, petrochemical services, and planning for turnarounds, as well as working with other petrochemical maintenance, inspection, contractors and other field services around the world.

Petrochemical Turnaround Planning can include: 

Petrochemical Services

  • Projects scope and development
  • Decontamination and project cost estimates
  • Developing Procedures
  • Inspections
  • Field walk down planning with tagging
  • Turnaround schedule development
  • Material and resource planning
  • Wastewater / Effluent: Planning and management
  • Healthy, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) planning
  • Inspection Test Plan (ITP)
  • Quality planning
  • Procurement and subcontracting
  • Reviews for preparedness and closing out

Petrochemical Services include: 

  • Project scope, development and estimates
  • Review and revision of steam out procedure to add decontamination solutions
  • P&ID mark-ups to perform steam out
  • Technical advice and guidance
  • Refinery Decontamination
  • SOW planning for material needed
  • Scheduling, contracting and management
  • Wastewater / Effluent: Treatment and management
  • Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) management
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
  • Inspection Test Plan (ITP)
  • Inspections, monitoring, testing, and closing out
  • Field supervision to guide operations and maintenance groups
  • Project management, execution and cost control
  • Tracking, reports, and assessment

Petrochemical Decontamination Products

Why are petrochemical services and planning important during turnarounds?

Turnarounds in petrochemical plants typically occur every 6-8 years and are important due to production being halted, leading to a great amount of downtime and maintenance costs for that cycle and compared to while in production. Turnaround planning, followed by petrochemical services, can be very complex due to the many moving pieces and projects needing to be done in a short window of a few weeks to months.

Petrochemical plant turnaround planning months or years ahead helps to create a critical path to reduce downtime as well as lost revenue. If not prepared due to lack of inspections and planning, there can be roadblocks or bottlenecks, thus increasing the costs and downtime, as well as complexity and further logistical challenges

Petrochemical services are important, as, during the periods of downtime in these turnarounds, or shutdowns, decontamination, preventative maintenance, upgrades, and renovations can be made to the petrochemical plant or operation. These services help to prevent repairs, replacement, and other maintenance during production and while products are in demand. The ultimate goal of petrochemical services and planning during turnarounds are to return back to normal operations on budget, on time, and to extend the life of the equipment between turnarounds and shutdowns.