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Jayne Products has done various tests, collected other information, and created content to show the effectiveness and safety of our products which you can see in our blog. If you would like any other information, please reach out to our team today to learn more.
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Vapor Phase Cleaning & Refinery Decontamination with JPX

JPX is the most cost-effective decontamination chemical, used around the world and in various equipment. This blog also outlines the benefits of JPX vapor phase cleaning.
In this blog you will learn about JPX line application, from preparation, application, pumping into the vessel and finishing the job.
Jayne Products developed a video showing the setup procedure for JPX products into vessels with a pump and drum.
In this blog, we outline the benefits of using JPX, from reducing time to being both an environmentally friendly while extremely effective product for removing hydrocarbons.
JPX has many benefits over its competitors and Jayne Products has been in the refinery business for over 30 years to optimize the procedures.
In this blog, Jayne Products outlines an example of a JPX calculation for vapor phase cleaning to help with estimating the amount of product needed.
Jayne Products has outlined questions that have come up while on the job to help with the JPX application and procedure.
JPX was created to reduce clean up time for entry and provide cleaner units, in this blog will review other benefits and facts regarding JPX.
In this blog, we do a lab test with JPX showing how it removes the oil from the beaker and also emulsifies the oil whereas can see it in the liquid phase.
JPX test in a beaker filled with sludge, can see the JPX working to de oil the sand and sludge material, emulsifying the oil where it can then be recovered.

Fin Fan Cleaning and Maintenance 

Jayne Products shows a video of the JPX-F Fin Fan cleaner chemical in action and outlines the benefits compared to competitors. 

Industrial Descaler, Struvite & Scale Removal, Struvite Prevention 

This is a case study outlining the cleaning of the outside of a centrifuge with our Struvite Remover used in a low-pressure sprayer application with pictures.
This is a video demo of our Struvite and Scale Remover in action. We placed an egg inside a beaker along with our hands and shows the product is non-corrosive to skin however still has the descaling properties by removing only the eggshell.
Jayne Products has tested on a variety of scale varieties and offers free lab testing on your scale buildup to show the effectiveness of our products.
In this blog, you will find the properties and advantages of our Struvite and Scale Remover as well as some applications.
Struvite and Scale Remover also has a foaming version which you can see in the video, this allows for walls, surfaces and hard to reach areas to be cleaned with our product with ease and covering large areas.

Environmentally Friendly Industrial Degreaser Products

Jayne Products offers various Clean Air Choice Cleaners that are environmentally friendly industrial degreasers and cleaners, such as Energy Plus.
Jayne Products offers various Clean Air Choice Cleaners that are environmentally friendly industrial degreasers and cleaners, such as Powe Wash.
Jayne Products manufactures bus chemical cleaners for different applications, including steam wash, engine degreaser, pine soap as well as general-purpose degreasing.

Tank Cleaning

Comparison of different tank cleaning methods such as manual cleaning, mechanical equipment and water jetting, warm water method using chemicals and robotic mechanic equipment.
Tank cleaning and sludge removal method and procedure.

Covid 19

Covid 19 Safety Tips