Vapor Phase Refinery Decon. Chemical Cleaner JPX over the Competition

Why JPX over the competitors?

JPX provides superior performance in these areas:

JPX will emulsify more oil and carry it out of the equipment.  Testing by major US oil companies verifies this. 

JPX will rinse off the surface of the equipment and leave no sticky film like some competitors. 

JPX will permit separation of the emulsion into oil and water phases within a shift which permits oil recovery and water disposal to effluent systems in a very timely manner.

JPX is applied in the majority of applications by vapor phase system injection.  This eliminates the need for dozens of contractors as used by the competition.  We can apply the product with two people or train your local contractors or operators to handle all phases of application, rinse and recovery. 

Our fifteen years of experience with the application of JPX allows us to quickly propose the most effective procedures whether it be vapor phase or circulation for vessel, exchanger or desalter cleanouts.

We work with operations to mark up drawings for injection points, circulations, vent and drain points.  We will provide simple procedures that will be seamlessly integrated into the shutdown process.

Our cost proposals will include technical and applications support with labor as required.  We are very confident that your cost will be much lower than our competitors and your results will be better by utilizing JPX.


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