Refinery Decontamination Chemical Cleaning with JPX

Why use JPX?

Vapor phase application of JPX saves at least one third of the preparation time for process equipment release to maintenance.  This “Best Practice” results in major cost savings in time and increased equipment cleanliness while minimizing environmental impact.

Whether de-gassing and cleaning an entire process unit or just a single piece of equipment, our high-performance chemistry transforms conventional cleaning and de-odorizing methods into a new source of cost-savings—minimizing mechanical cleaning and optimizing your budget.

Our process reduces plant downtime on turnarounds by three days or more by allowing for the decontamination of the entire unit at once and maintenance crews to enter the equipment faster.

The process reduces routine maintenance costs and enhances productivity and safety by reducing mechanical cleaning time, the associated exposure by maintenance personnel, and the time the equipment is out of service.

JPX is a highly effective vapor phase decontamination product, as it has a high solvency value and in vapor phase it can access surfaces and deposits that cannot be contacted by liquid flow.

JPX chemistry is pumped into the steam source. The steam carries the JPX chemistry throughout the process vessels. The solvent in the product partially vaporizes, dissolving the hydrocarbons as it traverses the vessel. The surfactants in JPX form an emulsion with the hydrocarbons and the condensed steam. This emulsion is then drained from the process vessels as the vessels are steamed.  The lighter hydrocarbons are swept from the vessel to the flare.  After the steam is discontinued the vessel is rinsed to cool down and prepare for entry.

JPX is environmentally safe, biodegradable, and compatible to all metallurgy. It is a water based blend of surface-active chemicals with a highly effective solvent. The surfactants and the solvent in JPX are exceptionally effective in removing heavy-end hydrocarbons such as vacuum residue and asphalt, as well as light end hydrocarbons such as benzene, from the process vessels in refineries and petrochemical plants.

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