Vapor Phase Refinery Decontamination Chemical Cleaner JPX Benefits

JPX is the most cost-effective decontamination chemical available. It outperforms well-known and more expensive products. JPX injection into your vessel steam out will:

·      Cut steam out time by 2/3 

·      Remove hydrocarbons, H²S and benzene, permitting earlier vessel entry

·      Eliminate internal clean-ups normally required for inspection and repair

·      Reduce the time required for exchanger bundle cleaning

JPX is safe for people, the effluent system, and air quality. 

JPX has been used in cokers, crude and vacuum units, FCC, hydrotreaters, hydrocrackers, reformers, contractors, separators, and all varieties of columns: 

·      See our steam injection or circulation diagrams for an outline of the JPX cleaning process.

Shell, BP, Arco, Mobil, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Tesoro, and overseas refineries have saved money by utilizing JPX to decrease downtime.