Vapor Phase Cleaning Refinery Decontamination with JPX Demo

Below is the test video of JPX:


JPX is a powerful water-based and non-hazardous product specially designed to be used in column, exchanger, reboiler and vessel clean up, general maintenance, and turnaround applications in oil refineries. JPX is the most cost-effective decontamination cleaner available, outperforming more well-known and expensive products. It has been utilized in countless refinery turnarounds, saving time and money.

JPX has been tested and evaluated by major oil companies. It ranked highest in performance capacity to remove heavy hydrocarbons, JPX was tested against 22 proprietary products, its ability to minimize oil and grease content in separation was also superior. JPX is a formulation of biodegradable components and is compatible with refinery effluent treatment and bio sludge units.

JPX is superior for applications with steam out or vapor phase. It rapidly emulsifies and heavier hydrocarbons for removal with the condensate. While at the same time sweeping the lighter hydrocarbons to the flare or vent system. JPX has a 30-year history of applications in over 100 units with a complete success story.

List of Items needed:

  • Hot Plate
  • Beaker 
  • Plastic Cover
  • Rubber band
  • Pipette
  • Crude Oil
  • JPX

Beaker 100.85 Empty

Beaker 102.72 With Oil

20 grams of water

0.6 grams of JPX

3% Solution of JPX

Turn heat to a boil, 180 degrees

Put plastic cover on top with some puncture holes to relieve pressure  

Here we have a beaker that has been coated with crude oil, what we did was coat an empty beaker with a pipette filled with crude oil

Once covered and on the heat plate, you can already see the JPX begin to take action at a 3% solution with oil already coming down.

Within minutes, including the amount of time to heat up the solution just before boiling point, you can see the oil clearing off the sides and being emulsified.

You can see that the vapors alone are able to rid of all the oil, (but with heat higher) 

Once actually starting to foam, you can see JPX solution clears the remaining oil from the sides of the beaker as it rises. Leaving a cleaned beaker within 5 minutes of turning the hot plate on and at only a 3% solution. 

To handle the solution we pour into a new beaker and let cool, to a point where you can see the oil in a liquid phase. Fully emulsified by JPX it allows it to flow freely in a solution, which means you can easily wash away anything and remove from any containers 

The solution will separate into oil and water phases for treatment.


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