Struvite Remover and Scale Remover JPSR Egg Demo

Our Struvite Removal and Control Product is used primarily in wastewater applications, including both municipal and CAFO operations.

In this video you will notice an Egg is placed in enough Struvite Remover to keep it submerged. The pH of this product is approximately 0.5 but since it is a buffered acid, it has been proven to be:

  • Non-corrosive to steel
  • Only Slightly irritating to skin

Meaning, that despite its low pH, and being a great descaler, it is safe, as well as will not damage any equipment in your operation.

The egg in the video proves that it will remove and dissolve scale (eggshell), while not harming the protein (egg), leaving it fully intact and handling both the product and the egg with our bare hands.

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