Struvite and Scale Remover JPSR Product Information

JP-SR is a low pH inorganic/organic salt solution that performs like an acid. This formulation replaces such acids as hydrochloric, sulfamic, phosphoric, hydroxyacetic, oxalic, citric, formic, and glycolic while offering significant performance advantages including:

 Biodegradable

 Less-Hazardous

 Non-corrosive (to skin and metal per DOT/OSHA/EPA test protocol)

 Non-Fuming

 Outstanding safety, handling, and performance properties vs. traditional acids

 VOC Less than 15 grams per liter

JP-SR has been used in many Wastewater Treatment Plant applications to remove struvite blocked pipes, Transit Authority for removing scale, and can be used for nearly any scale removal including cooling towers.

JP-SR is a commercial alternative for industrial users that is biodegradable, less hazardous, non-corrosive and safe for personnel.