Fin Fan Cleaning and Fin Fan Foam Chemicals for Fin Fan Maintenance

JPX-F is a specially formulated version of JPX to be used for foaming applications in fin-fan and area maintenance cleaning. It is designed to create copious amounts of foam containing powerful chelating agents. We utilize the HVHC Foamer by Lafferty Equipment in our foaming applications. JPX-F is especially good for removing sticky hydrocarbon materials found in refineries. Some of our customers have experienced a 40-degree improvement with an average of about 20 to 30 degrees. By utilizing JPX-F and our innovative cleaning system refineries have enjoyed the following:

  • Cleaning of the tube exteriors while not requiring entry into the shrouds
  • No damage to tubes by personnel entering the shrouds and walking on the aluminum tubes.
  • No damage by improper use of high-pressure water, which can bend the aluminum fins.
  • Deep cleaning of the interiors of the tube banks that cannot be done with a water wash.
  • The effluent rinse is not harmful to the Effluent Treatment Plant or Biodigester.