Refinery Decontamination Turnaround and Shutdown Chemical Cleaner JPX

The main purpose of JPX is to reduce clean-up time for entry and to provide a cleaner unit for inspection and repair work. 

JPX reduces the steam purge time required to reach the LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) and Benzene permissible exposure levels. This time is typically cut by half when JPX is used (from 2-3 days to 1-1.5 days). JPX, whether applied by steam injection or water circulation, will break, disperse, and lift the hydrocarbon contaminants from the surface of the internals and shell of process equipment. Thus the hydrocarbons are floated and flushed out of the system for external disposal.

JPX allows for a hydrocarbon-free transition for entry into vessels or confined space such as tanks, so that hydrocarbon vapors that were previously and unavoidably vented to the atmosphere are abated.

For sour systems (overhead accumulators and sour water strippers), where H2S may be present we recommend JPX-E for specific applications to the vessels of concern.

The excellent capacity of JPX to disperse and carry out hydrocarbons allows the minimum application strength to be used by the customer, saving cost while still providing excellent clean up of internal parts. This is particularly apparent in heat exchanger bundles that have been pulled for inspection and repair after JPX circulation. Experienced mechanics have remarked on the superior appearance of the bundles in comparison to what they normally experience.