Transportation Bus Chemical Cleaning Products 

Jayne Products Bus Chemical Cleaning Products

  • Power Wash can be used for cleaning the outside of your bus to get rid of grime, clean windows and be used on virtually any surface. It has been formulated for automated wash, pressure wash, powerful steam cleaning systems as well as engine degreasing

  • Energy Plus Red for use removing grease from outside your bus, such as on tires, and inside your bus, such as bus floors, as well as an engine degreaser, can be easily diluted to fit your needs.

  • Pine Cleaner & Deodorizer to remove odors and stains from bus seating and flooring. This can also be used to clean and sanitize your bus station.

  • Scale Remover to descale hard water buildup on windows, exteriors, and other locations.

Transportation Bus Cleaning Importance

Keeping your busses and bus stations clean is essential. It is important to clean the inside of your bus so it is safe for passengers and does not develop any unpleasant odors, including keeping high-touch surfaces such as handles, seats, steering wheels, and seatbelts sanitized. Cleaning the outside of your bus to keep it pristine and so that it does not quickly wear, as well as removing any scale build-up, is important as well. Jayne Products provides biodegradable, cost-effective solutions to these cleaning issues.