Boiler Cleaning and Furnace Cleaning with Polarchem

Pre-cleaning convection zone
After-cleaning convection zone

Methods, products, systems and service for on-line cleaning and treatment of the combustion side of boilers, process furnaces, and incinerators burning gas, oil, coal, lignite and waste

Furnace Cleaning and Maintenance with Polarchem

By its flexible method for on-line cleaning, Polarchem has created a useful operational aid for refineries and petrochemical industries.

The Polarchem products react with the residue from combustion by oxidization and neutralization with the result that any fouling is reduced in quantity and made dry and friable.

The fouling is formed in the path of the flue gas and therefore the product is injected in such a way that it will mix with the flue gas to reach the fouling.

Sometimes the fouling is hard or humid and will not be completely removed by the force of the flue gas or by the soot-blowers. Polarchem softens and dries the deposits, which then become easier to remove.

The Polarchem products are injected into the periphery of the flames without interfering with the combustion and there are no damaging direct hits on burners, tubes, refractory and thermo-couples.

This procedure has made the Polarchem method known as ‘soft' on-line cleaning.

When should Polarchem be used?

It can be used as a cure or prevention whenever the bridge-wall temperature increases or the pressure drop across the convection indicates that there is a fouling problem.

Polarchem can be injected manually through existing inspection doors or openings in the radiation section of the furnace.

The injections can start at any time and there is no need to reduce the load during the intervention.

Semi-automatic or fully automatic injection systems are easy to install.


  • Improve the efficiency of the furnace
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Increase intervals between shut-downs
  • Avoid un-programmed shut-downs
  • Reduce soot-blowing
  • Reduce air pollution
  • Reduce corrosion from Sulphur and Vanadium
  • Simplify the cleaning during shut-down
  • Mostly dry-cleaning becomes possible during shut-down
  • Improve the security of operation by maintaining temperatures and pressures within given limits


POLARCHEM introduces a new flexible operational aid for on-line cleaning of Boilers, Furnaces, and Incinerators firing gas-only or in combination with other fuels.

Stage 1: accelerated oxidization, which can be used on its own in the absence of Sulphur, Chlorine or Vanadium to remove unburnt Carbon.

Stage 2: controlled oxidization to remove unburnt Carbon together with

Stage 3: neutralization of Sulphur, Chlorine and Vanadium compound