Tank Cleaning for Crude Oil Desalters with Vapor Phase Cleaning

Crude oil desalter for refineries
Tank cleaning for crude oil processing

Crude Oil Desalter Vapor Phase Cleaning

Crude Oil Desalters are effectively decontaminated with JPX applications. JPX is applied by filling the Crude Oil Desalter one third full, with hot water, and adding 2% JPX and agitating the sludge layer with steam. This procedure is followed by vapor phase addition of JPX to clean the upper vessel and precipitator internal grids. The sludge and oily emulsion is pumped off to a slop tank or temporary “Baker” type tank. Contact us or email us with your requirements and we will respond with a detailed procedure.

Crude Oil Tank Cleaning

Crude oil tanks can be effectively cleaned using our JPX Cleaning Procedure for Crude Oil Tank Cleaning. This procedure helps to recover as much oil as possible without significant solids contamination. The oil can then be economically processed as crude unit feed rather than a slop stream which can be a refinery bottleneck.

Contact us or email us with your crude oil desalter or tank cleaning specifications and we will provide you with more information.